Daves across Brighton and Hove have criticised an NHS campaign they claim brands them all heavy drinkers.

The Save Dave leaflets have been posted around the city this week by NHS Brighton and Hove targeted at men aged 35 and over with alcohol problems.

The blurb inside reads: ‘Everyone knows a Dave. Everybody loves him. But what he really loves is a drink. In fact he’s feel lost without one. It helps him cope with the pressures of life – so he says’.

It goes on to suggest Dave’s drinking is ‘getting out of control’ and affecting the people around him.

But some Daves claim the campaign tarnishes anyone with their moniker.

Dave Allistone from Montpelier Road, Brighton, said: “It’s offensive, it assumes anyone called Dave is an alcoholic, it’s ridiculous.”

But a spokeswoman for NHS Brighton and Hove defended the campaign and said the message is an important one.