A Lindfield man receives a three-month suspended sentence for deliberate cruelty on horses (The Argus, August 30). Two of them had to be put to sleep. He already had a previous conviction for horse cruelty .

Legally, horses are our most protected pet in this country – and rightly so as they have been an integral part of getting us through two World Wars. They are highly intelligent creatures who need and deserve our protection.

This sentence meted out to a previously convicted animal abuser is totally inadequate and sends out the message that the British are indifferent to the suffering of non-human animals, not a nation of animal lovers.

The ultimate insult to these neglected horses (and tax payers to boot) was the comment from the judge that he could not impose a fine on Mr Ryder-Large because he had not paid a previous fine of £6,000.

More horses would not have had to suffer at the hands of this man if the judge presiding over Ryder’s previous conviction had banned him for life from keeping horses.

David Hammond
North Court, Hassocks