A stalker wrote a blog about raping and murdering a woman he had been harassing in real life for two years.

Greg Downing detailed the imagined attack on children's author Katharine Quarmby in an online novel.

He bombarded Ms Quarmby with phone calls and emails since they met through an online dating site in 2008.

Yesterday the 40-year-old was jailed for six months for putting a person in fear of violence after he admitted what a judge described as a “campaign of harassment.”

Blackfriars Crown Court, in London, was told Ms Quarmby stumbled upon the blog after Downing, of Beacon Road, Crowborough, was convicted three times of stalking her.

She typed her name into the internet search engine Google and found a 29-page piece titled A Novel: Katharine Quarmby, about a man stalking the writer, burgling her home, raping and finally murdering her.