Bailiffs and police are currently at the site of Brighton's Lewes Road community garden.

The bailiffs attempted to execute a court-order to seize the garden at about 2am today.

But protesters who have made it into a community garden are reluctant to give it up to developers Alburn Minos who hope to build seven flats and two shops, one of which is set to be leased to Tesco.

In a message sent this morning to members of the Lewes Road Community Garden Project Facebook group, garden co-founder Duncan Blinkhorn said: "At 2am this morning bailiffs, with help from the police, took over the Community Garden.

"I have not ben involved or been in the garden since 28 June, so don't know the latest but I'm sure others will fill in the details. I'm told that a fence has gone up and diggers are on the site.

"Caroline Lucas is meeting with Tesco management tomorrow (Wednesday) in London to tell them that their store is not wanted on the Lewes Road.

"Owners of the land, Alburn (Retail) Ltd, are pursuing their claim against me, Ron Edwards & 'persons unknown' for thousands in legal costs prior to 28 June.

"There was a hearing scheduled at Brighton County Court tomorrow (Wed 8 Sep) at 11.30am but I've sought an adjournment as there has not been time to get legal advice. I'm putting together a series of witness statements.

"I'll let you know when the new hearing date is."

The garden's takeover has caused a stir in the neighbourhood. This morning, Fran Swaine tweeted: "Walked past the Lewes Road community park thingy this morning. It's now walled up with metal sheets, with a big lorry in it."

Inspector Paul Betts, speaking today, said: "Officers from Sussex Police are present at the community garden in Lewes Road, Brighton at the specific request of the attending bailiffs who are executing an order granted by the courts to occupy and secure the site.

"Our presence is not to carry out the eviction but to prevent any breach of the peace and to minimise any potential for disruption to the wider local community.

"As ever we will facilitate peaceful protest if it occurs and seek to ensure that no criminal offences are committed. It is important to us to maintain the trust and confidence in all communities effected by this Operation".

A previous attempt for bailiffs to seize the garden took place at the end of July this year.

The garden was originally created in May 2009 with the agreement of Alburn Minos as the gardeners promised to leave when it needed the land.

But when they learnt that Tesco planned to lease one of the units they decided to stay.

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