Brighton and Hove City Council has said it wants to hear the views of skateboarders about plans for The Level, (The Argus, September 9).

The council neglected to state that the skate park will be two-thirds of its current size but would be built on the only remaining undeveloped, green end of The Level. These are proposals which everyone should be made aware of.

The Level is the last green open space in the Valley Gardens Conservation area. It is all that remains of the medieval “Tenantry Laines”, which have been held in common for the recreation of the whole community, after being gifted to the townspeople of Brighton in 1822.

We feel plans to move the location of the skate park on to the green area could contravene the spirit of an iconic community resource that should be preserved from development as a place for congregating, holding community events, festivals and fairs.

Local community groups welcome the council’s bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Big Lottery Fund for a grant of £1,734,900. This could be for the much-needed restoration and improvement of the existing facilities of the play area and formal gardens.

However, we feel more debate is needed on this proposal to relocate the skate park rather than redesigning it in its current position. We would like to ask the council to listen to these concerns and help us preserve our heritage in this unique, green open space at the centre of our city for future generations. If readers want to join the debate, please email

Signed by residents of the Triangle Community, Park Crescent, North Laine and The Level:

Maureen Winder, chair, Triangle Community
Nick Wilson, chair, Friends of the Level
Tim Harrison, Park Crescent Trustee
Adrian Morris, North Laine
Nigel Plant, Park Crescent
Mary-Lou Banfield, Triangle Local History Group
Julia Davis, Park Crescent
Ashley Shelling, Friends of the Level
Christine Gent, Park Crescent