The beast of Bevendean has reared its fearsome head again.

The big-cat, which is said to have stalked the area for more than two years, was seen lurking in undergrowth by a teacher.

Avis Carter, 49, of Preston Park, Brighton said she had visited the area on Bevendean Hill to pick apples when she spotted the feline at about 2.30pm, Tuesday.

Ms Carter said: “I looked round and it was there.

“It was much larger than a normal cat but had tabby-coloured markings. But the markings were not in the style of a tabby cat.

“I wasn’t scared. It didn’t linger and act nosy like a cat. It went straight back into very thick undergrowth.

“I was surprised because I was very close to homes and I had been a lot further into the woods and not seen the cat then.”