A uniquely named barber shop in Brighton has been named the "punniest" business in the country.

Barber Blacksheep was chosen as the business with the best pun-related name in the UK.

The Kemp Town business beat shoe shop R.Soles and restaurant Jamaican Me Hungry to claim the top spot.

Catharine Wehrle, the owner of Barber Blacksheep, said: "We believe that the salon got its name from the previous owner's nephew, who was forever singing the nursery rhyme. I had been looking for a quirky business for some time, and with a name like Barber Blacksheep, the salon was perfect.

"People comment on the name all the time and we often get people coming in just because the name has brought a smile to their face. We were recently told the shop and the team were the perfect representation of Brighton and its culture."

Barber Blacksheep has won a brand new shop front sign to celebrate the name.

Ms Wehrle said that the prize was "absolutely fantastic".

She said: "I have spent the past ten years making improvements and refurbishing, and the only thing left to finish was a new sign for the building. The timing couldn't have been better."

She added that the dream for the business was "global domination".

"Wouldn't it be great to have a Barber Blacksheep on every high street?"

Business expert Dan Martin, who reviewed the shortlist, said: "I'm pleased to see that the Great British Pun is still very much alive and well with the UK's small shopkeepers having a much better sense of humour than the corporate giants!"

The other nine punniest names were shoe shop R. Soles in London, in second place, Bird deterrent business, Flock Off in Ware, in third, Door and window furniture and fittings shop, The Knob Shop in Reading, in fourth, and Opticians, Spex in the City, Dunfermline, in fifth.

The last half of the top were Chinese Restaurant, Wok This Way in Sheffield, in sixth, Fish and Chip shop, A Salt N Battered also in Sheffield seventh, Carpet and vinyls shop Get Laid Professionally in County Durham in eighth, restaurant Jamaican Me Hungry in Liverpool, ninth, and restaurant Thai Me Up in London tenth.

The list was compiled using internet voting by thomsonlocal.com.

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