People thinking of buying a ‘micro pig’ as a Christmas present are being urged to first find out more about keeping them happy, healthy and legally.

The tiny pigs, which usually don't grow more than 14 inches tall when fully grown, are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to the more traditional cats and dogs.

They can cost up to £700 a time.

Graeme MacPherson, head of West Sussex Trading Standards, said: “Micro pigs are again in the spotlight as one of this year’s must-have Christmas presents.

“But first be aware. There is no such breed as a micro pig. They are just small pigs bred with other small pigs to make them smaller still.

“There is no cast iron guarantee the pig you buy will stop growing at a certain size – and for a seller to state otherwise could be a deceptive statement and a breach of the law.”

Micro pigs tend to weigh 9oz at birth and are about the size of a tea cup.

When they are fully grown at two years, they still only weigh up to 65lb and stand at about 14in.

They can live for up to 18 years, but make popular pets as they are low maintenance, quiet and clean.

A guide on keeping pet pigs is available from the county council website at

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