A homeless man has been told he cannot pitch his tent in a Brighton park.

Ray Slater – whose struggle to find work and open a bank account was highlighted in The Argus last week – has been served a notice from a park ranger telling him he is breaching a bylaw and trespassing.

The Liverpudlian, who has lived in Brighton since August, returned to his canvas shelter on Tuesday to find a notice saying no-one can pitch a tent in a park or open space in Brighton and Hove under the city council’s rules.

He is investigating whether he is inside or outside the park’s boundary, and whether the wooded area where he is camped is an open space.

Mr Slater, 48, said: “I keep it clean and tidy, I take my rubbish with me, and I’m basically invisible to the rest of the park.

“I’m just getting on in my little way, a humble, simple person, not trying to be a burden on anyone."

A spokeswoman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “The bylaw covers both parks and open spaces and the council also owns all the public open space in [the area where Mr Slater is camped], so this is trespass. Even if there were no bylaw, the council could seek a possession order.

“The Cityparks team has ensured that Mr Slater has all the relevant information, together with contact details of services that can help him to support himself in the future.”