There was an error in the previous report about Councillor Jason Kitcat's upcoming tribunal, YouTube, Kitcat, disrespect and clip number five. It stated that “the panel found all charges proven”: in fact, one charge was not proven.

Cllr Kitcat had not broken the reasonable requirements of the council’s protocol when using the clips. Both the webcasting protocol and members’ guide did not expressly prohibit the capture and external distribution of council webcast images.

However, the panel agreed with the investigating officer that Cllr Kitcat’s use of the video was political and improper. Cllr Kitcat’s defence was that there had been no “use of the resource” as it had not been “used up” in any way. They considered that "specious."

“The use of another person’s property without their consent amounts to improper use, even if it is returned in a pristine condition,” they said.

The panel did disagree with the officer about the degree of respect that accorded to Cllr Theobald, and decided that Cllr Kitcat had not treated Cllr Theobald with respect. The publication of clip five was for the purposes of "ridicule" rather than for being informative.

The minutes say: “Even though Cllr Theobald had not complained, the panel was clear that if he had complained it would have indicated disrespect. If one person treats another person badly, the fact that the victim turns the other cheek does not take away the fact that the original behaviour was abusive."

As to the sanctions, the panel decided to censure Cllr Kitcat for the political and improper use of the video and for the disrespect shown to Cllr Theobald.

It also decided to suspend Cllr Kitcat for the disrespect shown to Cllr Theobald for a period not exceeding six months, or until such time as Councillor Kitcat submits a written apology for that lack of respect.

“Without the suspension, there was no incentive for Councillor Kitcat to apologise” it said.

As to the improper use of resources, Cllr Kitcat is directed to undertake training on the roles and responsibilities of being a Councillor within three months, on pain of suspension if he does not.

The appeal to the first-tier tribunal (Local Government Standards)is on Wednesday, November 3. The full details of Cllr Kitcat's grounds for appeal itself are not publicly available until that date.