Many people will have been sickened to learn the details of how the horse found dead in a field at Alfriston died (The Argus, October 28).

I feel shocked and angry as this was a cowardly attack inflicted in darkness on a dumb creature. This horse, being a large animal, would not have been killed easily and would have suffered as much as any human being– equivalent to murder.

Because this is such a horrendous crime the sentence should reflect this if the offenders are found. Although the other two horses in the same field were not injured, I don’t believe they were completely unhurt. Horses are sensitive creatures and they would have sensed the horror of the attack. This would have upset them.

If the attackers are found I don’t think they are safe to be in the community – they pose a threat to the general public.

It is a known fact that people who show such cruelty to animals often turn their violence towards humans.

I wish the RSPCA and the police detectives every success in finding the people responsible for this crime.

Gloria Wheatcroft
The Drive, Hove