UPDATES: 10.40pm: Sussex Police announce they have ten people in custody - six for possession of low level drugs, three for public order, and one section 27 - meaning they were ordered to leave Lewes.

10.35pm: South East Coast Ambulance Service say they have treated 18 people for minor injuries.

10.25pm: One police officer has lost his baton. Sussex police is asking for anyone who has seen it to call 0845 6070999.

10.20pm: Reports of fighting at Esso forecourt and of a man walking on the train tracks. Both being investigated by police.

10.10pm: St John Ambulance say they have treated a total of 19 people for minor injuries and four people have been taken to hospital.

10pm: Half an hour late but the fires are due to start any minute. Waterloo Bonfire Society are getting ready to launch their barrels off the bridge.

9.40pm: We are told that another of the effigies is of the judge who jailed Martin and Nathan Winter for the manslaughter of two firemen killed by an explosion at a fireworks factory near Lewes in 2006.

9.30pm: Processions now moving to their respective bonfire sites where the fireworks are about to begin.

9.20pm: Sussex Police announce 21,000 people have travelled by train to the bonfire.

9pm: Reports of youths pelting traffic officers with bottles between the Esso garage and the tunnel, but no injuries or arrests reported.

8.45pm: St John's Ambulance called to treat a woman with facial burns at Antioch Street.

8.20pm: Fire crews called to report of a blaze in Prince Edward Road but nothing alight.

8.15pm: Effigy of David Cameron wearing a Mickey Mouse watch and carrying a puppet of Nick Clegg has been spotted.

Thousands of spectators have flocked to Lewes for its annual bonfire night extravaganza.

More than 50,000 people are estimated to be attending with processions already winding their way through the streets.

Despite efforts to keep the celebration for Lewes residents only visitors have arrived from as far away as Cardiff, Bedford and Hertfordshire.

The closely-guarded identities of effigies to be burnt later have started to leak out, including Donald Duck sitting on top of a barrel of BP oil.

So far there has been one arrest, for drink driving and one woman was treated for an injured eye.

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