Rough sleepers fear a night shelter could close after a “service review”.

Riverside ECHG housing association, which took over St Patrick’s Night Shelter in Cambridge Road, Hove in September, refused to rule out the possible closure of the service.

Rory Grieveson, 64, who spent two nights at the shelter last week, said he would have died without St Patrick’s.

A spokeswoman for Riverside ECHG housing association said: “We are conducting a review but we are not going to second guess the outcome of the review.

“There are two services at St Patrick’s. One is the hostel and that’s just had renewed funding and is not part of the review.

“The night shelter is being reviewed.

“Riverside ECHG took over fairly recently so this is something that we are doing as part of that.

“The review is commencing now and the findings are due in February.

“The review will be looking a whole range of thing, part of that will be looking at the finances and spending of the service.”