Police are planning to confiscate illegally earned cash from a corrupt officer.

Sussex Police special branch officer Darren Graysmark, was convicted of laundering more than £80,000 made by his boyfriend’s drug dealing to boost his salary.

Graysmark, 44, of Coney Furlong, Peacehaven, was jailed for 16 months in August after admitting laundering £80,921 by spending it on lavish home improvements.

His former employers have now revealed they plan to reclaim the ill-gotten money.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said an application for forfeiture of Graysmark’s cash has been made under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

He added: “We are always seeking to reclaim proceeds of crime from convicted offenders, regardless of their profession or the fact that he is an ex police officer.”

But police refused to say exactly how much money they were seeking to claw back and insisted it was a “matter for the court to decide”.