Hens have been strutting their stuff in the latest fashion accessory – chikinis.

These garments are nothing like the mankini thong made famous by Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy creation Borat.

Instead former battery hens are sporting specially-knitted chikini jackets at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in The Broyle, Ringmer, near Lewes.

The woollen outfits have been created by supporters of the centre to help the chickens stay warm.

Most of the birds arrived at Raystede almost completely featherless in October after being brought in by the RSPCA.

As the colder weather approached staff at the centre made a call to volunteers to get knitting and thanks to a quick response the chickens are now wrapped up warm against the freezing conditions.

Sanctuary supervisor Wendy Holford thanked volunteers for their help and said: “I cannot get over the kindness of those people who have knitted jumpers for the girls.”

Anyone who would like to knit a chicken jacket can contact Raystede for the pattern on 01825 840252.