A nature reserve was left looking like a "rubbish dump" after a group of 100 travellers and their animals were evicted from the site.

Human excrement, nappies, underwear and fly-tipped rubbish were discarded at Wild Park in Moulsecoomb, Brighton.

Maria Krassowska walks her dogs there every day.

She said: "The park was left absolutely devastated and dirty.

"There was rubbish everywhere in torn supermarket bags left loose on the grass.

"There was broken glass, buggies, household rubbish, newspapers, wrappings, broken toys, tennis rackets, plastic water containers, shoes, clothes, nappies, a motorcycle and washing lines. There was also a large amount of human excrement and horse manure left. It was disgusting."

Michelle Funnel, who runs the Wild Park caf, said she had to clear human excrement from the front of her business while the travellers were at the site.

She said: "Some of the rubbish has been cleared already but it was a filthy mess when they first left.

"There is still a lot of the fly-tipped stuff up on the banks of the park, which looks a real mess and will take some time to clear."

One resident, who claimed he was threatened by the travellers at Wild Park, said he never wanted to see another gipsy set foot in the city again.

He said: "I've had it with them all. The mess in the park was unbelievable and it is us, the taxpayers of this city, who will have to pay for it to be cleared up. The travellers left the park looking like a rubbish dump."

Brighton and Hove City Council has spent £10,000 in the past financial year securing eviction orders.

More than 60 caravans arrived at Wild Park on August 6. The travellers were evicted on Sunday.

While they were at the site the Airenjuku Karate Club, which is based at the park, was broken into and cars parked nearby had their windows smashed.

Children's football matches were cancelled after travellers drove across the pitch in cars and on motorbikes.

Last week The Argus revealed how a children's activity day for more than 120 people had to be cancelled because of the camp.

The 818 Club, run by Brighton charity Adventure Unlimited, was to host celebrations for its tenth anniversary but was forced to postpone the event due to fears for visitors' safety.

Paths running through the park have been completely blocked by fly-tipped rubbish made up of drainpipes, branches and mounds of dirt.

The grass is scorched where fires have been lit.

City councillor Dawn Barnett said the number of travellers visiting the city was unsustainable and called for urgent action to prevent the area becoming overrun.

She said: "The perception among travellers at the moment is that Brighton and Hove is a soft touch and they go away and tell their friends they will be more than welcome down here.

"It is costing hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to deal with these people and enough is enough.

"We've made it so easy for them to stay. We might as well just put up a flag inviting all the travellers down here."

A city council spokesman said: "We are in the process of cleaning it up.

"Much of the debris left is garden waste from gardening jobs, which we will probably recycle by chipping it up as compost.

"We'd also ask residents to help by ensuring they only get gardening and other work carried out by reputable contractors who dispose of the waste properly."

Yesterday about six caravans were spotted on land at the top of Dyke Road Avenue, where there was also a police presence. Another group of travellers were seen off Ditchling Road.