After enduring snow, hard frost and torrential downpours this tropical bird was in serious danger of becoming an ex-parrot.

The 14-inch Amazonian parrot even spent Christmas outside and alone, and was spotted forlornly foraging around Preston Park.

But after almost two months out in the cold, the brightly-coloured bird has now come home to roost.

Paul Daskarolis, of Pinewood Close, Brighton, contacted The Argus yesterday and said he had managed to rescue the vagabond bird.

Mr Daskarolis said: “We noticed him a month ago flying around our neighbourhood, although he has been in Brighton for several months before that.

“He is very friendly. I was able to feed him almonds and sunflower seeds by hand from the first day I tried.

“We contacted lost parrot sites but nobody claimed to own him so we continued feeding him. He usually stopped by at least once a day for a handful of nuts.

“After a few weeks he began to perch on my arm and on Saturday I walked inside my house with him.”

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