An urgent appeal has been launched to find a bone marrow donor to help save a little boy's life.

Seven-year-old Keiton Knight has leukaemia and is in hospital having intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

When that finishes he will need a bone marrow transplant but so far no match has been found for him.

Keiton has a rare tissue-type because he is mixed race with a white mother and black father, so finding a suitable donor is proving to be difficult.

Keiton's mother Paris, 32, from Hove, is spending all her time with her son at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton.

Her family, including mum Lorraine, stepdad Jack and younger sister, Star, 14, have been supporting her and Keiton since he was diagnosed three years ago.

Ms Knight's older brother Warren, 36, is organising an appeal for people to come forward and have a blood test.

He said: "We are looking everywhere. The donor needs to be of mixed race.

That may be you or you may know of someone who might be suitable.

"All we are asking is for people to have the test and see if they can help. Even if they are not a match for Keiton they may be able to help somebody else in need."

Keiton was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2003. In the past month the disease has taken another form known as acute myeloidblastic leukaemia (AML).

It is extremely rare for that to occur and it is vital Keiton gets a transplant.

Mr Knight is working closely with the Anthony Nolan Trust and the Afro- Carribean Leukaemia Trust as he tries to find a match for his nephew.

He said: "Keiton is such a lovely, bright, cheerful and cheeky child.

"He is an amazing person to be able to go through what he has, for the last three years, and still have a smile on his face.

"He loves to play the violin and has really got a feel for it. We hope he will make more of this when he gets older.

"He also likes tennis, playing computer games and watching cartoons Spongebob Squarepants and Pokemon.

My sister, who is an incredible person having to go through this, has been a tower of strength for Keiton.

"She now really needs people's support to make her dream come true and watch her son grow up and have a fulfilling life."

As well as being mixed race, any potential donor must be aged between 18 and 44.

  • Mr Knight is organising donor clinics in London but anyone in Sussex interested in arranging a test can get details by logging on to the website, or by calling 0207 284 1234.