He is probably the most popular road sweeper in Sussex.

And complete with his own high-visibility jacket and seat in a road sweeper he is every inch a council worker.

But Marlow’s job extends far beyond keeping the streets of Brighton and Hove sparkling clean.

Without the four-year-old dog, Rob Jones’ life would have been immeasurably darker.

CityClean worker Rob, 43, who has been deaf since he contracted meningitis aged 21, relied on the specially trained hearing dog on a day-to-day basis.

Rob, of Hollingbury, Brighton, said his shaggy companion has given him confidence to deal with members of the public and after years on the job still makes many paws for thought.

He added: “Marlow doesn’t do lots at work. Mainly he leans his head out the window, but people love him.

“He is a funny little thing and I love him. Everyone who meets him loves him.

“A lot of the tourists who see Marlow want to take pictures of him leaning out of the window of the van as he travels along.”