The final squatter at the site of a proposed new Sainsbury's has been forced out.

About 50 officers stormed the former Taj store on St James's Street, Brighton, at 10 am and arrested one man.

A security guard will now be patrolling the building to deter further occupations.

Chief Inspector Simon Nelson said: "The officers had protective equipment with them due to the uncertainties surrounding what they might face inside.

"After entering the building, officers called out to any occupants asking them to safely make their way to the ground floor, and a thorough search was made of each floor before one man was located inside and arrested. There was no violence and no injury."

The Sabotaj group say their campaign continues and are hosting a meeting to discuss their tactics on Monday.

Supporters are invited to Community Base on Queen's Road at 6.30pm Monday for an open planning meeting.

A spokesman for the anti-supermarket activists said: “The occupation certainly brought the issue of Sainsbury's moving into Kemptown into focus. Now hopefully we can keep momentum going.”

Comments on Sainsbury's application to sell alcohol at the site from 9am to 7pm can be submitted at until Friday. The application number is 1445/3/2011/00192/LAPREN.