He always tried to do his talking on the football field.

But when it came to reading and writing, Brighton and Hove Albion first team coach Charlie Oatway came unstuck.

The 37-year-old, who only learnt the two “Rs” in 2004, has now written his autobiography detailing his struggle with dyslexia, the law and his later redemption with the Albion.

Charlie said Tackling Life: The True Story of a Footballing Bad Lad Made Good was written as a thank you to the Albion and the club’s study skills programme that helped him achieve his football qualifications.

He said: “The idea behind having a study centre at a professional football club is simple. People who didn’t do well at school and think that learning is for other people are less likely to be scared off by going along to somewhere like a football club than going along to a college or somewhere like that.”

He added: “I loved recalling the incidents that happened in my life and all I ask from Albion fans is that they buy a copy of the book from the BHA shop in Queens Road, online at www.seagullsdirect.co.uk or the AITC shop ‘Sports Dreams’ in George Street.

“If you buy it from these places proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Albion in the Community.”