Flying saucers, flashing lights and strange objects in the skies are all included in the latest releases of UFO files.

The documents, released by the National Archives yesterday, are the largest release so far and include several incidents from Sussex.

These include an airline pilot in Hellingly, near Hailsham, who reported an object the size of a large eagle flying past his house.

The man reported the sighting in July 2001, saying he was in the garden with his son when he saw an object made of three joined circles fly past.

Other sightings include something that looked like “a satellite re-entering, moving across the sky” and then speeding away in Brighton in June 2003.

A “red, unidentified flying object, definitely not an airplane” was seen in Hove in September 2003.

Other reports of strange lights were reported in Hastings, Crawley, Burgess Hill, Brighton, Hove, Uckfield and Heathfield.

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