You can expect to see a few strange sights when out late at night in Brighton but maybe not too much evidence of intelligence life forms.

But one keen-eyed resident believes he has captured video footage of a suspected close encounter of the third kind.

A video appearing on website YouTube this week shows three red lights in a triangular formation hovering over the city.

Malcolm Robinson, of Hastings-based Strange Phenomena Investigations and assistant editor of the world's biggest UFO Magazine UFO MATRIX, said: “Visually it looks quite impressive as it would seem to indicate either three separate red lights, or three red lights attached to an object giving it a triangular appearance. “This shape is quite common as far as UFO reports go. “In the main, the vast majority of UFO reports, as high as 95%, can be identified as having natural explanations, it's the small 5% that puzzle the likes of me and my colleagues worldwide.”