Anti-fascists claim a nationalist group tried to storm their political meeting.

Unite Against Fascism (UAF) said a group of up to 40 people, carrying a Union Flag, turned up at its event in central Brighton on Tuesday.

A confrontation took place at the doors of the Friends Meeting House in Ship Street, Brighton.

No-one was arrested. The UAF claimed the intruders were from the English Defence League (EDL) and carrying an EDL flag. Police said there was no known involvement by the EDL and the only flag seen was a plain Union Flag.

UAF members also said at least one activist suffered cuts to the face, while police said no-one was injured.

The anti-fascist group had advertised the event as a “public meeting in Brighton to oppose David Cameron’s attack on multiculturalism and Britain’s Muslims”.

A message on the “Casuals United” website also listed the event, saying: “Commies to descend on Brighton – not on our watch.

“South Coast Casuals will be there to counter these enemies of Britain.”

Anti-fascists and the EDL faced off at a chaotic demonstration in central Brighton last August.

An anti-fascist counter-demonstration is expected to take place at a “March For England” event in the city on Easter Sunday – despite march organisers publicly distancing themselves from the EDL.

The Casuals United website also advertises that march, saying “all are welcome”.

Speakers at Tuesday’s UAF meeting included Labour’s former council leader Simon Burgess.

He told The Argus there were about 40 or 50 people at the meeting when the group tried to get in.

He said he saw one UAF supporter with cuts on his face after the confrontation but that the meeting successfully continued.

Mr Burgess said: “Their purpose was to disrupt the meeting.

“Their behaviour was thug-like and threatening.

“I think it is despicable that it was an attempt to intimidate people who had come to a peaceful meeting.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police were called to the Friends Meeting House in Ship Street, Brighton, at about 8.30pm on Tuesday, April 5, after reports of a disturbance outside the address.

“A number of people were reported to be trying to gain access to a private meeting being held there.

“Officers ensured there was no breach of the peace and maintained a presence in the area until the close of the meeting shortly after 9pm.

“There was no injury, damage or arrest.”