I APPLAUD efforts to stop motorists parking in cycle lanes (The Argus, March 31).

There are two types of cycle lane.

One mandatory, having solid white lines where no parking is allowed, while the other is advisory, having broken white lines, where parking is only allowed if unavoidable (highway code par 140).

The latter causes confusion in busy main roads like Dyke Road, where motorists park all day and night without any action being taken. Cyclists use them at their peril.

I notice in one photo, cars are parked on double yellow lines as well as broken cycle lines. It’s the former that ban parking, not the latter.

No one seems to know what unavoidable means.

In Dyke Road, we will continue to try to ban parking by having double yellow lines or mandatory cycle lines (or both) introduced, which will help cyclists, as well as helping residents access their houses safely.

B Baker, Dyke Road, Brighton

I THINK free-loading cyclists should be careful what they wish to invoke!

If they wish to make war with the motorists who pay heavily to be on the road, so be it.

On a daily basis, I could photograph about 20 cyclists breaking the law: bikes with no lights, cyclists turning into traffic with no signal, cyclists riding on a pedestrian crossing without any warning, not stopping at lights – should I go on? They should not be riding in the first place!

I have never seen a cyclist stopped and charged for any offence.

We have spent thousands of pounds on bike lanes which are not used.

It is time the bike brigade got its house in order before it takes photos of parked cars.

Chris Simpson, Brighton

IT’S AN excellent idea to put some form of traffic enforcement on the busy bit of Lewes Road. It needs it.

With frequent buses and general traffic parking on the cycle lanes, it’s an inconvenience for all road users and is just lazy.

Having a traffic warden appear at rush hour a couple of times a day would help a great deal.

This is not about people stopping for a few moments, but parking up all day, every day. What’s the point of having a cycle lane if people park all over it?

Martin, Stonecross Road, Brighton

WITH reference to pictures taken by Terry Applin of cyclists (The Argus, April 5), which in-turn refer to the initial story of March 31, car drivers who park inappropriately certainly add to the hazards faced by cyclists.

But look at the dark clothing worn by the riders in pictures. What is more, only one of them was wearing a helmet. Unless they wear high visibility clothing and invest £5-10 in a right-hand mirror (which could save so many lives), cyclists are courting disaster.

I’m a regular cyclist and you can see me coming a mile off – and I can see what’s behind me.

Douglas d’Enno, Bevendean Avenue, Saltdean