I’M RESPONDING to Sylvia Harwood’s letter published on April 14 in which she states that “anyone who supports horse racing is saying it’s all right for such creatures to be killed each year”.

I would like to point out that sounds no more true than saying anyone who has a dog is saying it’s all right for children to be maimed by them and that the NSPCC should call for all dogs to be banned. That would be palpable nonsense.

Too many horses die in accidents as a result of racing, but the sport is not designed to deliberately torture and kill animals. I love racing – I detest animal cruelty. I appreciate many are upset when an animal is killed. I am too.

I am also upset when a soldier dies, when a child is killed in an accident or when a relationship breaks up but I wouldn’t call for the banning of any of the unwitting causes of the distressing effects.

Tony Pannett, Priory Road, Hassocks