Nationalist march organisers say they will “100%” return to Brighton next year.

About 350 police officers were deployed on Easter Sunday as members of the March for England (MFE) and anti-fascist counter-demonstrators clashed in the city centre.

But despite the disruption and tension between the two sides, MFE organiser Mat Silva yesterday vowed the group would come back next year.

He said: “We will 100% come back and it will be better.

“We are not perfect but hopefully it will go better next year.”

MFE organisers have consistently denied claims they are affiliated to the far-right English Defence League (EDL).

However as the march returned to the train station an EDL banner was unfurled and pro-EDL chants were also heard.

Mr Silva said the march stewards had seen the flag earlier in the day but had told the owner he had to keep it in his pocket throughout.

He said it would have been confiscated if he had seen it on display.

Mr Silva said: “It is something I was not happy about. It was made clear that there is a clear distinction between March for England and English Defence League. I am a little bit disappointed that happened.

“Whether it was the heat or the sun was no excuse.”

However he said the behaviour of people on the march was good and said none of their members had been arrested during the parade.

The group, mainly made up from people living outside of Brighton, have been criticised for holding the march in the city.

But Mr Silva said they did not choose Brighton “to cause trouble” but because a local member is able to organise it from the city.

Brighton Anti-fascists, which demonstrated against the march, said MFE had “revealed their true colours”.

In a statement the organisation said: “The MFE march was far from the family event it claimed it would be.”

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