1 - From the centre of Storrington, locate Church Street, on the south side of the A283 road, walking to steps leading to the parish church. Climb the steps and, keeping to the churchyard wall, walk to a crossing path. Take a half-left line, descending across the church grounds, to pass through a kissing gate. Walk across a small meadow to a second gate, crossing a gravelled area to a minor road.

Turn left up the road, taking the rising second turning on the right at Kithurst Lane.

Follow the residential road (do not take a right-turn footpath in 150 yards) for 250 yards and at a fork in the footpath take the left option. In a few paces locate the enclosed footpath on the left, descending to a wide meadow.

Continue ahead over a plank bridge along the left field-edge, towards the Downs – do not take the first left turning. Walk ahead, taking a left and right turn, crossing a plank bridge and passing through a metal gate.

2 - Turn to the right then climb leftward to follow a right hedgeline on a level path, crossing a field- corner stile at Coldharbour. Walk along a left field-edge for 50 yards, branch left in a rail fence opening and turn right to a bridleway junction.

Turn right up the bridleway for 150 yards and, with a metal gate ahead, note marker posts on the right. Take the left of two bridleway options (blue arrow) climbing steeply into woodland. The path climbs through the hanger to join a bridleway after 400 yards. Climb left up a short, but steeper, ramp before the path levels and turns right. On clearing the tree cover and coming to a fence turn left and in 100 yards, at a four-way junction, turn right. Follow the enclosed path for a quarter of a `mile to the edge of Kithurst Hill car park, turning left for a few yards to the South Downs Way.

3 - Turn right, following the wide, well-defined bridleway, heading west. In half a mile the track passes through the copse on Springhead Hill. Take the right fork on emerging from the tree cover. In half a mile pass across Rackham Hill, with a trig point of to the left. Soon the path descends, coming to prominent earthworks, possibly boundary markers from earlier times. At the bottom of the slope, between banks, there is a four-way sign. Go right through a bridle gate, taking the bank-top path on the left. The path sweeps right, giving extensive Wealden views, and begins a descent around the contours of the scarp slope on a balcony path, beside a deep coombe. After passing through a bridle gate, continue the descent through scrub to a roadside gate.

4 - Cross with care to the opposite verge and turn left for 100 yards, then go right into Rackham Street. Follow the road to climb and pass Rackham Farm, followed by a descent towards roadside houses in the small, scattered community. Beside a cluster of dwellings locate a footpath sign on the left (yellow arrow), cross a short driveway to the left corner. Follow the enclosed footpath to a hilltop meadow. Cross the field, straight ahead, descending to a roadside stile in 200 yards. Turn left up the road and, just before a cottage on the right, turn right through a hedge opening. Take a half-right line across the sloping field, on a reinstated path, heading for a hedge opening at the far side. Pass through a shrub tunnel into a narrow field, crossing two plank bridges and climbing quarter-left to cross a stile and plank bridge. Continue through scrub, following the path to the right, emerging beside the 18th- century Rackham Mill. Right of the building can be seen the remains of the overshot waterwheel and cast iron aqueduct.

Follow the raised embankment to a stile, keeping to the enclosed path at the level of Amberley Wild Brooks.

5 - On arriving at a footbridge, cross to the edge of Rackham Plantation and turn right. In 250 yards take the right fork on the sandy track to arrive beside Rackham Old School. There is a small sand quarry on the left. Every August Bank Holiday the school is the scene of the Rackham Fete and Flower Show, an event not to be missed if you want to experience a traditional village summer fete. There are stalls, perfect cream teas and a giant slide from the top of the hill (if you dare!), egg and spoon and sack races for the energetic and aw fruit and flower competition inside the school building. Make a note in your diary.

6 - From the entrance to the school grounds turn left up the hill, going right at a junction, to arrive at the entrance gates of Parham Park. Turn right through the gate, following the metalled driveway for a little over half a mile to a crossing access road – Parham House is on the right. Continue ahead on the public footpath (yellow arrow) across parkland, climbing by Limekiln Plat and heading for the park’s eastern entrance gate.

7 - Pass through the gates to the roadside path, crossing over Clay Lane and heading towards Cootham. In 300 yards, beside a brick-built chapel, turn right into Chapel Lane on a footpath, following a driveway to the right, then turning left to a gate. Go half-right over the field ahead, crossing a footbridge, then going right and left to a residential road. Cross to the opposite, enclosed footpath, leading to the B2139 roadside. Turn left for 100 yards, crossing to follow Fern Road, to where we were earlier in the walk, opposite a church. Go left for a few paces and turn right towards the churchyard, passing the parish church, descending the steps and turning left to the High Street.

*Distance/Time: Seven and a quarter miles, taking three and three-quarter hours.

*By Car: Car parking in Storrington, follow signs. Start point Grid Ref. TQ087143, north end of Church Street.

*By Public Transport: Travel details from www.traveline.info, phone 0871 2002233. Bus service to Storrington, short walk to Church Street starting point.

*What’s underfoot: Steep climb to the top of the Downs, with easy descent, then mainly level Wealden walking. Possible with a baby backpack, but a tough climb at the start and quite a long walk; not possible with a baby buggy.

*Thirsty Work: Cafes and pubs in Storrington.

*So you don’t get lost: OS Explorer map 121, plus a compass for general direction.