It has been a feature of Brighton’s city centre for 70 years and now its teatime tales have been preserved for ever.

David Sewell, whose family have run the Pavilion Gardens Cafe since 1941, has interviewed customers and staff to record their favourite memories of the landmark forever.

From surviving the threat of the Nazis to securing their reputation as The Argus’s favourite rock cakes provider, the cafe contains a treasure chest of stories.

The book was launched at a packed party last weekend and Mr Sewell said he has been overwhelmed by the response.

He said: “Everyone I’ve spoken to seems to think it’s a really nice idea to preserve these stories. This cafe has seen a lot.”

Mr Sewell’s grandfather had previously run a seafront cafe which was closed along with its neighbouring businesses in response to the threat from Nazi invasions off the coast.

He opened the cafe in 1941 and it has been in the family ever since.

Its reputation and prime location has seen it survive more than one recession and some of its most dedicated customers have been coming for half a century.

Mr Sewell said: “We have a couple of regulars who are now in their 90s and have been coming here since the 50s.

“We also have one of our staff Nina Tahsin who has been working here since 1969. It’s great to have that and adds to our reputation as a community cafe.

“There are so many Costa coffees and the like springing up all over the city where staff come and go month by month and even week by week. Here you know you’ll see a familiar face.”

Mr Sewell interviewed scores of customers, staff members and family members to tell the story of the cafe.

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