FOLLOWING the decision by the local planning authorities to allow the Brighton Wheel project to go ahead, it has been interesting to note various comments from your readers.

We think the project will have wide-ranging implications on the appearance of the East Cliff conservation area, strategic views of the coastline and, crucially, the local residential neighbourhood.

The planning authorities recognise that “the development is not considered suitable as a permanent form of development, to safeguard the visual amenity of the area”.

The East Cliff conservation study (from 2002) recommends that “single storey buildings only will be appropriate” in the area. The wheel will be equivalent to approximately 15 storeys.

Commentary in the planning authority’s report concludes that “the wheel is judged to have a major impact on the view from St James’s Street along Madeira Place”, and goes on to say that “much of the form of the wheel will be readily apparent, obscuring the street’s relationship to the sea”.

Temporary or permanent, the wheel will likely appear to bear down and intrude on the local area.

The wheel is to be sited almost in front of the Aquarium Terraces, and the decision to allow the project to go ahead undervalues the impact the scheme will have on plans to regenerate the Terraces. This project which would provide permanent jobs, and benefits for the local economy, in a way that will be much more sympathetic to the local area.

In our opinion, the wheel will be unattractive and unsympathetic to the area.

Inadequate consideration has been given to the impact the scheme will have.

David Hainsworth, secretary, The Kingscliffe Society, Manchester Street, Brighton

ON YOUR Letters page, I read yet more predictable complaints about the Brighton Wheel compromising the privacy of residents. Others bemoaned the fact it will spoil their view – for which I’m told they paid a premium (The Argus, May 6).

Well, I for one will definitely be riding on the wheel, having tried and enjoyed the versions in cities like Paris.

Residents of Brighton can rest assured that I won’t be at all interested in peering through their windows.

It’s the views of the sea, marina, beach and pier that will command my attention.

As for the view from your windows, perhaps you’d care to comment on the view from mine, now that it’s been spoilt – forever – by a hideous incinerator. And, may I remind you, it is going to burn Brighton’s rubbish, not mine!

Andy Gilbert, Tarring Close, Newhaven