I READ the story about seagulls being callously injured with airguns (The Argus, May 11), some of which had to be sadly put to rest.

I was born in Brighton and have always lived within a five-minute walk of the seafront, with the sound of seagulls ringing around me, and do not even notice them.

I was on the phone to someone in Scotland last week and the person at the other end said: “Is that seagulls I can hear in the background?”.

I then had to listen for them as they are always here.

Those people who kick up a fuss about seagull noise are probably imports into Brighton and Hove, and should clear off back from whence they came.

I have just passed retirement age and am against cruelty to any living creature.

However, I would gladly make an exception with the guilty parties concerned here.

Perhaps we could put them in a room full of seagulls and let them give these people a good pecking!

A R Scarrott, Holland Road, Hove

I FIND it sickening that seagulls are being injured by cowardly thugs with airguns.

Last night, as I was walking home, there were hundreds of seagulls making a huge racket after some idiots had let off fireworks, presumably to scare them.

I personally love seagulls. They are sometimes aggressive, often naughty and usually loud, but they are a symbol of our city and it is odd that anybody would go as far as hurting them.

They eat pretty much anything they can find, yet somehow always manage to look clean and proud.

I will contact the police to see if any progress has been made in catching the beasts responsible for shooting our lovely seagulls.

Robert Nemeth, Osbourne Villas, Hove