Plans to outlaw any development above the cliffs at Brighton Marina have been tabled in Parliament.

Two schemes costing a combined £550 million have been in the pipeline for years at one of the largest marinas in Europe.

But Brighton Kemptown MP Simon Kirby claims the proposals have only been considered by Brighton and Hove City Council due to an unclear clause in the 1968 Brighton Marina Act.

The Conservative politician now wants Parliament to clarify the situation in the Localism Bill before Explore Living submits a further planning application for its £300 million scheme.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Kirby said: “There was a clear difference of opinion between residents and the planning authority as to the intention of the Act.

“If my amendment to the Bill had been in place that difference of opinion would not have occurred because the legislation would have been crystal clear.

“Instead, we have had years of wrangling and uncertainty and still have no clear view of the meaning of the 1968 Act even now.

“The thrust of the coalition Government’s policy is to simplify, eliminate and clarify the rules, regulations and legislation faced daily by the public and businesses. My new clause would add significantly to the practical implementation of that policy.”

Any change would need to be approved as an amendment to the Localism Bill which is currently passing through Parliament.

It could also affect the Brunswick Development £250 million plans for 853 flats and almost 2,000 sq m of shops and leisure space in the south-west corner of the marina.