Three local charities will benefit from the largess of shoppers in the Waitrose Community Matters scheme during the month May/June this year. At the checkout shoppers will receive a token, which they then place in the box of the good cause they most like to support.

This month’s good causes are: Deafblind UK (with a branch in Leach Court, Kemp Town), The Montpelier and Clifton Hill Association (see ) and Shopmobility, based in Churchhill Square.

This year’s Mayoral charities, chosen by the new Mayor Ann Meadows, are Sussex Beacon (whose care centre for people living with HIV/AIDS is based in the Mayor‘s ward), the Brighton and Hove Federation of Disabled People (which runs Shopmobility) and the People's Dispensary For Sick Animals (PDSA, Veterinary clinic in Preston Park.)