A handful of antisocial families are costing more than £120,000 a year each.

They’re blamed for causing a “disproportionate amount of disruption and damage within their neighbourhoods” in Brighton and Hove.

The cost of the families, who have not been named, was revealed as part of a Draft Community Safety, Crime Reduction and Drugs Strategy 2011-14 summary, which has been released as part of a consultation into community safety in the city. Referring to the families, the report said: “It is hugely costly to our city – police call outs, enforcement actions, statutory social care interventions are all highly expensive.”

The report explained that the authorities saved £243,000 by carrying out “intensive work” with two of the families. However the report added there were sill more costly disruptive families.

It continued: “There are a few families in the city that cause a disproportionate amount of disruption and damage within their neighbourhoods which can cause significant harm to individuals. These families have a complex range of issues themselves that can lead to them becoming socially excluded or homeless. There is increased risk of the children offending, becoming highly vulnerable, being placed on child protection plans or at times being taken into care by the local authority.”

A Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said: “Tackling and reducing the harm caused by antisocial behaviour is a top priority and we work closely with the police and probation service as well as the voluntary sector to achieve this.

There are a number of innovative projects across the city. One of these is our Family Intervention Project, which has achieved an impressive 50% fall in the numbers of young people entering the criminal justice system over the last two years.

“We focus on early and effective intervention with families who have multiple complex needs and who are causing harm in their neighbourhoods. This offers excellent value for money and improves outcomes for families and the communities in which they live.”