REGARDING a letter concerning a street party in Osborne Villas on April 29 to celebrate the Royal Wedding (The Argus, May 11), it was labelled a “resounding success”.

I’m afraid I don’t think so.

Resounding yes, with non-stop rap music from noon until midnight at full volume and a beer tent open all day until nearly midnight with no toilets available.

Consequently, our front gardens were in use as toilets, which was very unpleasant.

Many complaints were made to the police, so I understand, from quite a few of the residents of Osborne Villas.

Surely, Hove Lawns would have been the best location for this party, with toilets and cafes available.

Myself and other residents will protest most strongly against any future street party proposals.

It would be further disruption to this lovely conservation area of Osborne Villas.

J Inkpen, Osborne Villas, Hove

I’M GLAD the people who organised the street party in Osborne Villas enjoyed themselves, but I do question whether it was really the unqualified success they claim.

I’m surprised they are not aware by now that many of the people who actually live in the street found the event, especially in the evening, almost unbearable.

Was it really necessary to have a beer tent in the street all day long, when there are at least a dozen pubs within a quarter mile radius, including a large one, the Sussex Hotel, at the bottom of the street?

Was it necessary to turn the street into a nightclub in the evening with amplified music crashing into nearby houses for six hours continuously until just before midnight?

This made all normal discourse or any thought of going to bed to sleep impossible.

I think this event was different from a traditional street party, and required a different location.

I’d like to suggest Hove Lawns as a more suitable location in every way for a large community event, and hope that anyone planning a similar future event will give this serious consideration.

Nora Angel, Osborne Villas, Hove