LOOKING at Brighton and Hove Albion’s new stadium at Falmer from Ditchling Beacon, it is transparently obvious that it is incongruous with the downland landscape that is so close to the heart of many people.

The problem is not on the same scale of Twyford Down, but it is very sad that this stadium has been allowed on this site.

Nicholas Dunn-Coleman, The Droveway, Hove

I CYCLED to the Falmer site of the University of Brighton recently.

The route was pretty clear to the University of Sussex, but there didn’t seem to be any easy way to get to the Falmer site.

The underpass takes you to Falmer Station, and I had to carry my bike over a railway bridge to get to the right side of the line. This seems crazy.

Has access been taken away by the new football stadium? Or did I miss something?

Liz Colman, Colebrook Road, Brighton