Hollingbury residents are completely indifferent to the opening of their new Marks and Spencer Simply Food store on May 26.

Dennis Roocroft, pensioner, of Carden Hill said: “It is totally unnecessary when we already have an Asda, Sainsburys and Co-operative in the area.”

Mother of two, Shelley Crosby, of Fernhurst Crescent, echoed similar views to that of Mr. Roocroft, branding the opening of the new store “utterly pointless” especially with the current state of unemployment among the residents of Hollingbury.

Mrs. Crosby was also adamant she would still continue doing her weekly shop at Asda.

A manager at the local Asda store, who did not want to be named, said that he was definitely not worried about the opening of the new store affecting Asda's trade as "the typical cliental that M&S attract don’t live around here."

He added: “It was a very bad choice of location for an M&S store as many of the local residents live in council houses and would not be able to afford the cost of the food that M&S produces."

The new M&S was previously home to an MFI store but now the 12,700 sq ft shop in Carden Avenue Retail Park will boast an array of fresh produce, ready meals, salads, sandwiches and a cafe.

This has led to further disapproval among some residents as the store will not be stocking any of its own brand clothing, furniture or homeware unlike its out-of –town rival shop at Holmbush in Shoreham.

Sam Gammon, of Elsted Crescent, said: “The fact that they are only selling food is going to further limit any potential custom they could have.

"I know if I was going to shop at M&S I'd still go to the larger store in Shoreham because it would have a greater variety of stock and it sells clothes as well.”