I FEEL I must comment on three animal cruelty stories I read in The Argus last week. These articles appeared on three consecutive days; May 11 to May 13.

The first was on “Airgun Thugs Targeting Seagulls” – a sad-looking herring gull with a bloodied head and neck was pictured showing the injuries caused.

It really does seem that, until airguns are restricted to authorised gun clubs, they will continue to be misused.

That may be bad for responsible gun holders but, on balance, there is far too much cruelty inflicted on animal life to warrant the present availability of these guns.

The second article was “Day Old Kittens Dumped In A Skip” – they still had their umbilical cords intact.

The picture of three tiny helpless kittens showed just how vulnerable these creatures were, and how lucky they were to be rescued. They could have been crushed so easily.

One wonders what sort of person did this cruel act and what treatment the parent female had to endure.

Lastly, Walter the collie-cross dog was featured.

He had a burn injury and was abandoned in terrible pain. The picture alongside the article showed a brave looking dog – strong enough to defy the cruelty it has endured and looking towards a better life.

Let’s hope the Raystede Animal Centre finds him a good home – he deserves the best.

We are now seeing so much animal cruelty, something needs to be done.

Too many people seem to have little respect for living creatures and pets.

I feel changing air gun availability, compulsory micro chipping for pets and better education in schools on wild animals and pets would go some way to easing the problem.

We must stop this cruelty somehow.

Gloria Wheatcroft, The Drive, Hove

I WRITE in reference to an article regarding Gill Foreman and the work she has done for animals in Altinkum, Turkey (The Argus, May 13).

To clarify, she has been involved with the animal charity The Didim Friends Of Animals for 12 years, and not seven years.

She arranged for a field to be partitioned off and had kennels built to shelter street dogs, with one section for puppies only.

She arranged veterinary care and had animals tagged.

I have seen all this myself. The work and effort she has put into this project is simply amazing. She has used her own money many times for veterinary treatment, although she has little.

I also have sent money to help her. She arranges raffles and sales, with all money going to help the animals. Her devotion to helping animals is incredible. She has found homes for a donkey and a horse.

But she has had very little, if any, support from the local council in Altinkum, and now it is not renewing its contract with a local vet.

Many British people, residents and holiday tourists, are becoming more and more aware of her work and commitment and all feel that she should have more support from this council body.

The children where she lives are no longer afraid of dogs and do not throw stones at them like they used to.

I hope Gill Foreman gets the help she deserves.

name and address supplied