The Argus: Brighton Festival ThumbOpening the third part of his brilliant noir trilogy Bane, Joe Bone set his audience a real challenge.

Rather than start with his trademark Sam Spade-esque introduction, he launched into an extended action scene, as an injured Bruce Bane – the hired hand who follows his own rules – was chased down by a gunman.

The Argus: angel awards with mayo wynne baxter_75px.jpg Bane 3 borrowed extensively from the noir world, so an audience could project scenes on to the black backcloth from just a phrase, a sound effect or a movement.

But, armed with nothing more than vocal sound effects and a highly physical performance, Bone played with the clichés, frequently dragging everyone on to a totally different path.

Bane 3 was about the tired gangster trying to break away from the mob, in a plot drawing from movie and graphic novel A History Of Violence.

Bone skilfully brought flashbacks into the performance without losing the audience.

The live soundtrack provided by guitarist Ben Roe came into its own during a party sequence, with classical guitar soundtracking the front-of-house celebrations, while also creating the teethclenching tension backstage.

Bane’s move from the Fringe into the Festival underlines the amount of acclaim Bone’s exhausting performances have already accrued.

Bane 3 showed he was able to taking everything up a notch.