The Argus: fringe_2011_logo_red_thumbIf you wanted to laugh out loud, get drawn into four people’s lives, while becoming part of the story, this was the show for you.

This tender comedy drama began with Dr Paul MacMillan (James Wallace) meeting his new assistant Zainab (Bella Heesom), talking about mathematics with hilarious enthusiasm.

The Argus: angel awards with mayo wynne baxter_75px.jpg She unwittingly was the catalyst for Paul, his girlfriend Emma (Isobel Pollen) and his sofa-surfing brother Chancer (Mark Cameron) to make major life changes. Every aspect of this production had been given careful consideration and the result was quality.

The highly inventive set, in the round, was wrapped in brown paper or made from cardboard except for the last scene, which was a lovely metaphor for change.

They actually built a cardboard boat as part of the story.

The four actors were outstanding, adding depth and layers to their very different and believable characters.

The most memorable performance had to be Mark Cameron, partly due to the outrageously flirtatious character he plays, but he gave such a sympathetic, emotional and energetic performance.

Contrary to what the audience expected, they witnessed him fall in love, feel guilt and sadness.

This was a wonderful show and surprisingly touching story that stayed with me.