A report has named the city as an ‘alternative economy super-city’ and a dynamic centre for innovative companies.

Now the Brighton Fuse project plans to take the lead in creating digital jobs.

Phil Jones, chief executive at Wired Sussex, an association of digital companies, said the report was right to call the city the capital of the UK’s ‘rebellious alternative economy’.

He said: “There is a confidence about the city and an ingrained willingness to question and challenge which makes for great digital and media businesses. It really is the place where digital gets creative and where creativity gets digital.

“The new Brighton Fuse project will build on that over the next two years to ensure that we continue to lead the country when it comes to creating exciting, energising and socially engaged businesses.”

The HSBC report identified digital agency Propellernet as one of a new breed of online marketing agencies that have been attracted to the city.

The company, with 30 staff based in Castle Square, Brighton, is growing by 50% a year.

The report states: “Propellernet also thrives on the local network, which they believe is far more open and collaborative than the ‘cut-throat vibe’ in the capital.

“The company is an active part of a mentoring system that includes Wired Sussex, a Brighton-based organisation that works to promote the development of a regional digital cluster.”

Jack Hubbard, Propellernet managing director, said: “Our market simply didn’t exist a few years ago, and its rapid development shows innovation is key.

“The city’s social scene is very accessible. This helps us tap into Brighton’s creative energy, and enables us to crowdsource expertise through a wide network of freelancers.”

Greg Hadfield, director of strategic projects at Cogapp, the digital media company in Dyke Road, Brighton, said: “Brighton and Hove is a uniquely creative city.

“The mix of skills, expertise and enthusiasms is boundless across all disciplines.

“Fuelled by the research strengths and talent within our two universities, the large cluster of digital and creative businesses in the city will benefit hugely from this excellent initiative.

“Brighton Fuse can help inform and inspire a new generation to even greater innovation, generating sustainable businesses and much-needed jobs.