Faster action on traveller camps in parks and other public land has been demanded.

Leading Conservatives claim the Greens have “given the g reen light” for travellers from around the country to descend on Brighton and Hove.

Simon Kirby the MP for Brighton Kemptown, spoke out in a Parliamentary debate yesterday, saying the city council’s new administration had “set a dangerous precedent” in its attitude towards travellers.

Meanwhile the city’s former deputy council leader and mayor have launched a petition calling for quicker intervention when travellers set up on parks and open spaces across the city.

The council, which moved on a g roup of travellers at the Victoria Recreation Ground in Portslade yesterday, claimed there were no more travellers in the city than in previous years.

But Tory councillor Dee Simson said the word was spreading.

She said: “There was talk from the moment the Greens got into power that their policy was not to move travellers on unless there was somewhere else for them to go.

“They say the solution is a permanent site but they’re missing the point that these are travellers.

“Most of them don’t want a permanent site they want to move around. They have plenty of permanent sites in the rest of the country.

“Now the word is out that Brighton and Hove is the place to go and my residents are worried about that.”

Coun Simson’s stance has been backed by Mr Kirby who yesterday called for stronger police powers to tackle travellers.

He also said statements by the new administration were creating unrest.

He said: “We shall see who is right, when a large group of travellers leaves Essex in the near future. Where will they go?

“To a council that is not sympathetic, or one, by the statements of its senior figures, that appears to be?

“The Greens have set a dangerous precedent by their public attitude and comments and residents are genuinely worried at what may be about to be visited upon them in terms of nuisance and cost.”

A council spokesman said: "There are no more travellers around this year than in previous years, under previous administrations.

“However the more prominent sites occupied and media coverage of travellers is giving people a contrary impression.

“The council has to obey the law in moving travellers on and this often entails undertaking welfare checks before evictions take place.”