SO, the Conservatives once again have blood on their hands regarding the proposed cull of badgers.

They’re pig-headed and bury their heads in the sand regarding thismatter.

A number of scientists have said this cull will be a waste of money and, in fact, could make matters a lot worse.

An injectible vaccine for badgers is available so, instead of killing the badger, why not vaccinate it? Also, why does the Govenment not insist that farmers vaccinate their cattle against bovine TB.

The poor badger is taking the full brunt of the blame for sprending bovine TB. How about the intensive farming methods employed by farmers; maybe these practices should be looked into too?

Finally, the Conservatives said they agreed with the hunting of foxes with dogs because killing the fox with a bullet was wrong and cruel, but this is the method that will be employed by marksmen to cull the badgers – and at night too!

I have written to Mike Weatherley, Caroline Spelman and David Cameron about this highly contentious issue.

Susan Funnell, Richardson Road, Hove

HOW so very sad it is to read about the “poor” farmers hiring gunmen to shoot badgers.

I suppose the taxpayers are footing the bill again, because don’t the farmers get subsidies?

Couldn’t they think of any other ways to keep badgers under control? We can’t touch seagulls, yet I am constantly cleaning their vile faeces off my uniform and my car.

Can we do the same for them?

They also spread disease and create disgusting mess after they rip open garbage left out by humans.

June Szypulski, Lavender Street, Brighton

printed Monday, July 25