Pot plants, gnomes and ceramic ducks are to be banned from highrise balconies – for fear they may fall on pedestrians.

High winds and unsecure fixings have been blamed for a number of near misses with falling flower pots on a Hove estate.

Brighton and Hove City Council has now written to neighbours in the high rise blocks in Clarendon Road, Hove, telling them to remove objects from the ledges on their outside areas.

Bosses advised that any remaining ornaments should be securely tied to ensure they do not budge in windy conditions.

The ruling means pot plants, lights, gnomes and even ceramic ducks spotted basking the sun yesterday could be starved of fresh air in the future.

The local authority said the decision was taken after two instances of plants falling and one where a pedestrian was nearly hit.

A council spokesman confirmed it was not a city-wide policy.

He added: “A pedestrian was nearly hit by a falling plant pot that we thought fell after being on the edge of a high-rise balcony so our quickthinking community warden posted letters through to flats with plants in similar positions urging them to put them in safer places.

“It goes without saying but anything, including furniture, that might fall from a high-rise balcony should be kept well away from the edge.”