A dog walker suffered bites to her legs, hands and neck after saving a pet from a vicious attack by two Dobermanns.

Jackie Hamilton, 48, was walking her Tibetan Terrier and a friend's Collie cross, in Broad Oak Park in Bexhill at about 9am on Friday.

As Mrs Hamilton was returning to her car she noticed a couple on the hill with the Dobermanns She said: "I chatted with the owners as they passed. They seemed a well-to-do couple.

"I had the Collie cross, Bertie, on the lead and went to put my dog on the lead when suddenly the two Dobermanns went for Bertie.

"They pinned him to the ground and started biting into him. I had to open the Dobermann's mouth, prise its jaws apart, to get it to let go of Bertie.

"The Dobermann bit my head, shoulder and thumbs.

"Then, I could feel something on my leg and I realised the other Dobermann had run round and was attacking me. I had two Dobermanns attacking me.

"I shouted at the owners to get the other dog off my leg. He was gobsmacked." She said the owner tried his hardest to get the dogs off but she was still injured.

"Eventually he got the dog off and he said show me your leg'. When I showed him he was shocked. I got my dogs and walked back to my car and in that moment the couple left. They didn't ask how I was or even leave their details. It was like a hit and run."

Mrs Hamilton managed to get back to her car with the dogs before phoning her husband, Paul, for help.

A friend who also arrived said everyone had heard Mrs Hamilton screaming and the dogs growling. The friend stayed with the dogs while Mr Hamilton took Mrs Hamilton to the hospital.

At the Conquest Hospital in Hastings she was treated for dog bites to her thigh and puncture wounds in her hands and neck and must return to the hospital for check-ups to ensure the wounds do not become infected.

Mrs Hamilton has been left very shaken by the attack. She is unable to walk and says she cannot stand for more than ten minutes, cook for her family, drive or take her dog for a walk anymore.

The businesswoman, who owns a private members' club in Bexhill and normally works seven days a week, is unable to work.

She is also bitter that the couple just left without offering help.

Mrs Hamilton said: "I could have had a heart-attack or anything. They saw my injuries. I had a cut on my left hand which had to be X-rayed because it went down to the bone.

"My hand will be scarred. My right leg has almost a full set of teeth marks on the calf. The front of my leg has a large gash. I am traumatized and bitter.

"Bertie is suffering from shock and needed treatment for a puncture wound."

Mr Hamilton reported the attack to the police the same day and the police would like to identify the owners who were in their late 50s or early 60s.

Anyone with any information should contact police on 0845 60 70 999 quoting serial 1090 of September 8.