A police station failed a fire safety test, because officers have not been trained in evacuating the building.

Sussex Police was left red-faced after one of its biggest police stations failed the fire safety audit.

At Sussex House in Crowhurst Road, Brighton, which is home to the force’s major crime unit and custody suite, staff were not properly trained in evacuating the building or using fire extinguishers.

As a result of the audit, head of CID Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Cheeseman has said that officers must learn about fire safety.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Following a fire safety audit of Sussex House carried out by consultants several recommendations were made.

“Recommendations were made in the areas of training staff in use of fire extinguishers and fire evacuation procedures.

“Since the audit fire evacuation procedures have updated and changed. It has also been ensured that all staff are aware they need to complete fire safety training via Sussex Police's on-line portal."