Can Southern Water tell us why there is a hosepipe ban?

If they can allow 875 houses to be built in Titnore Woods in Worthing, there must be plenty of water in the South-East of England and everyone should ignore the hosepipe ban.

That number of houses would use more water in a month than the whole of Brighton, Hove and Worthing would use with hosepipes in a year.

If there really is a water shortage, if there is a dry winter and these houses are built, we will all be on standpipes next year.

If there really is a water shortage in the South-East, it is irresponsible forcouncils to continue building houses and flats with no regard to where the water is coming from.

Southern Water should tell the Government "no more house building in the South-East until a national grid for water is established".

  • B Bayliss, Mornington Crescent, Hove