Last year, it was reported promising genetic research into the causes of neurological ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). had run out of money.

That was how I discovered important ME gene research by Dr Gow in Glasgow, Dr Jonathan Kerr in London, ground-breaking work by Vance Spence of Dundee University and other British researchers all depend on volunteer fund-raising to continue their work.

I was astounded to find the Government has not yet funded any biomedical research into the underlying cause of the disabling neurological disease ME.

While health budgets are always tight, a foundation of Government funding for such high quality research in the UK would soon produce results and the real chance of a cure - which is the ultimate objective of medical research.

I have lived with ME for a decade and know how severe it can be so I was pleased to see Campaigning for Research into ME (RiME) has been invited to represent ME sufferers in a parliamentary group and has presented the urgent need for proper funding for biomedical research at Government level.

This is not pie in the sky. Last year, gene researchers spoke in detail of a cure in the very near future.

That would be the best news for the many people with ME in the Brighton and Sussex area.

Any way of supporting RiME's endeavour would be appreciated.

RiME does a great job of presenting the facts and campaigning for proper research on behalf of severely ill people and hard-pressed researchers who have to work with shoestring budgets.

  • Nicky Zussman, Brighton