Carolyne Davis appears to think opposition to Israel and Zionism, the movement which gave birth to Israel, is no different from anti- Semitism.

By this logic, anyone who opposes, for example, the Jewish Apartheid nature of the Israeli state is, de facto, anti-Semitic.

Her only problem is the fiercest opponents of Zionism have been Jews - Jews who refused to accept they were strangers in the lands they were born and brought up in; Jews who refused to accept the answer to anti-Semitism was Jewish nationalism and racism; Jews who believed in universalism and the brotherhood of man, not segregation and separation. Ms Davis asserts Jews in Britain are the same as those in Israel. Not so.

Even Jewish festivals in Britain are different from those in Israel. But, most importantly, Jews in Britain are not colonising someone else's land and stealing their water and produce.

Nor are they erecting a ghetto wall with which to annex yet more land while indulging their siege mentality.

The idea there is any equivalence between the puny rockets of Hezbollah and Israel is also fanciful. By her own admission, Israel killed ten times more Lebanese than there were Israeli casualties and, in terms of destruction, Israel razed to the ground whole sections of cities like Beirut.

By comparison, Hezbollah's ordinance is like a pea shooter.

It is no coincidence, either, that despite the massive disparity in weaponry, 75 per cent of those killed by Hezbollah were soldiers, whereas more than 40 per cent of those Israel killed were children.

Anti-Semitism is about racial discrimination and hate, not political opposition to another state.

If Britain behaved towards British Jews in the same way as Israel behaves towards the Palestinians, there would be only one word for its behaviour - anti-Semitism.

Even today, 58 years after Israel's establishment, half the villages of Israeli Arabs are "unrecognised" and liable to demolition.

Ironically, unlike their Jewish counterparts, Israeli Arabs who were victims of Hezbollah rockets will not get any compensation.

Racism is an abomination, no matter who its victims are and no matter who its perpetrators are.

  • Tony Greenstein, The Crestway, Brighton