I am writing after reading your reports on the Bikers' Ace Reunion, especially your comment page Ace Burn-Up.

You state, "it's a great weekend for the city. So lets hope the bikers keep revving up for this ritual for many years to come."

After spending a great day on Sunday around the Brighton Pier and along the seafront and watching the combination of events, including the skate boarding, in perfect weather, I have to say I totally agree. The whole area was extremely busy, which was great to see.

One point that disappointed us was a number of bikes received fixed penalty tickets for parking on the pavements along the front. Why do we have to do this during such events?

While it was noticeable that certain areas were tight for space, we had a push chair and were able to make our way along the front easily.

I do hope the owners of these beautiful bikes will come back year after year rather than being put off because it will cost them a parking fine.

  • S Healy , Downland Road, Brighton

  • I was one of about 60 scooterists who arrived together at the Ace Cafe Reunion from the Worthing area on Sunday morning.

I would like to know why we were not permitted access to Madeira Drive, but had to ride up to the marina end, then struggle against the tide of people and traffic to park our vehicles.

Having done so, we then watched as motorcycles flooded in from the western end where we had been denied access.

It seems we were not welcome. Needless to say, I will not be back next year.

  • Wendy Bunker, Worthing